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There will be a traffic light system implemented in the UK for inbound travel. This system will be in place from the 17th May, 2021. 

We believe that the UK Government will announce which countries will be in which section ‘in early May’.  Where a country lands will ‘likely be based on factors such as the level of community transmission of Variants of Concern,
levels of testing, genomic sequencing and reporting’.  

The allocation of countries will be kept under continued review and there will be a “Green Watchlist”.  This watchlist will highlight countries that may be at risk of moving from green (no quarantine required on arrival to the UK) to
amber (quarantine required on arrival to the UK). 

Currently the tests that the students and leaders travelling to the UK must take are the more expensive PCR tests (as opposed to the free NHS lateral flow tests). These tests must be booked in advance and can only be carried out by an
approved list of providers.  Embassy Summer will support with the sourcing and booking of these tests.  Costs links to these tests will have to be paid for by the participating students (currently approximate £120 per test),
however the UK Government is looking at measures to significantly reduce this cost.  

Countries in the amber section will be able to travel and have the option to ‘test to release’ on the full 5th day of their
stay.  If a student arrives on Sunday they can test to release on Friday and can stop quarantine as soon as they have a negative result, meaning 5 nights of quarantine.


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